weExpense by Travelit

Across the globe, employees are utilising technology and mobility to assist them with the management of expense claims. This trend has been rapidly accelerated by the migration from office to remote working which has indirectly pushed companies to relook their internal processes and systems in order to adapt – one such area is expense management.

TravelIT, as the leading Online Travel Management solution in Africa, has utilised the lockdown period to enhance its expense management product significantly, in order to provide a seamless solution to both the corporate and public sector markets.

weExpense is simple and easy to use:

  • Capture – Submit – Approve – Pay – Interface – Report

Why weExpense:

Significant cost savings

Management of your expense programme

It works with all expense types

Travellers can now upload all their expense slips for approval and reimbursement

Free mobile application

Places expenses in the palm of the users hands

Integrated reporting – real time dynamic analytics

Multiple payment solutions

Reconcilliation and export all expenses into your financial system

weExpense can be used as a stand-alone platform or in combination with our leading online travel management solution, providing a total cost of trip.