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Nothing beats going on holiday! Getting away from it all, leaving your usual routine behind… exploring new destinations. It’s something all of us look forward to at least once a year.

But in the excitement of arranging your trip, planning your itinerary and deciding what to pack, it’s easy to forget the most important thing – Travel Insurance! After all, when you’re about to set off on an adventure, the last thing you think about is something going wrong!

As you know, there are no guarantees in life – and the best planned holiday can be ruined by circumstances beyond your control. Unforeseen medical expenses, flight delays and lost luggage don’t usually feature in our plans, but they do happen.
That’s why you need insurance from Travel Guard! Our travel insurance product provides a comprehensive range of benefits! You can be assured that Travel Guard offers you complete travel protection – 24 hours a day.

We are not only offering high medical benefits, but we also provide cover from your wallet to your cellphone… your cosmetics to your clothes. You can be assured that Travel Guard offers you complete travel protection – 24 hours a day.

Terms and Conditions:

Please refer to the Travel Guard Leisure and Business Travel Insurance Policy wording for the comprehensive benefits schedule, cover details, applicable limits, Terms, Conditions, Endorsements and Exclusions.

Travel Guard Chartis agrees to provide insurance on the basis set out in this Policy provided the premium is paid when due and the Company agrees to accept it.
The Policy will provide cover for Insured Journeys that commence after the inception date appearing on the Travel Insurance Certificate.  Cover will commence when the Insured Person leaves the Point of Departure and will automatically cease when he returns to the Point of Departure.

Cancellation coverage will take effect one day after the issue date as stated on the Travel Insurance Certificate and once the required premium is received by us.

For Frequent Flyer Plans, cover will terminate on the Insured Person’s return to the Point of Departure and recommence on his next Insured Journey.  The maximum period for any Insured Journey on a Frequent Flyer Plan is restricted to 90 days.  Cover on the Frequent Flyer will terminate completely on the expiry date of this policy.

This Policy cannot be cancelled once an Insured Journey has commenced or after the expiry date of the Insured Journey.

The Policy period cannot be in excess of 12 months.

For any other information regarding travel insurance, contact Anna Kodi at +264 61 285 5742 or 

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4x4 Adventure

The Namibian West Coast remains one of the most inaccessible places on earth.The mystique and beauty of the Skeleton Coast as well as the Namib Desert can be experienced on a unique 4x4 adventure. Learn to drive in harsh circumstances and sleep under the stars of the Namib.

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Experience the unparalleled luxury of an island holiday while you relax on the beach, enjoy exquisite cuisine, are pampered in the spa or experience the rush of a variety of water sports.

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Explore the world, see the sites, enjoy the tastes and sounds, emerge yourself in other cultures and live to travel!

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Thailand Leisure Holidays N$20125 Days No
Eqypt Leisure Holidays N$39427 Days Yes
Mozambique Leisure Holidays N$21432 Days Yes


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