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As an independently owned and operated travel partner of American Express Global Business Travel, Trip Travel offers a wide variety of services which include flight, accommodation and car rental reservations, travel insurance and visa services.

At Trip Travel we understand that service is an absolute priority and therefore we are committed to meeting our customers’ needs in a competent and professional manner. Among the many standard services available, we offer all corporate and business travellers a complete Travel Management Service. By developing a strategic partnership with our clients, we are wholly involved in the systematic development and monitoring of all travel related expenditure, leading to maximum benefit.

Monthly travel reports

Trip Travel strives to transform your company’s travel data into actionable information which helps you to control your spending and better manage supplier contract negotiations. Trip Travel understands the key to effective budget management is identifying travel trends, patterns, and areas of savings opportunities.

MIS travel reports include a detailed summary based on the travel portfolio and statistical data which include corporate agreement tracking, cost centre reports, cost savings reports, supplier use and expenditure, passenger reports (e.g. cost of flights and frequently travelled routes), as well as all other travel related expenses such as accommodation, car rental, visas and travel insurance.


Trip Travel assists customers in identifying opportunities for savings and negotiating of corporate agreements with preferred service providers including airlines, hotels, car rental companies and travel insurance. Trip Travel will balance corporate agreement rates and lowest logical fare offers ensuring that the client receive the best of both; either a greater saving on the day or the corporate agreement deal.

Corporate Agreements

Trip Travel assists all corporate customers with the negotiations of corporate agreements with relevant travel related service providers and suppliers, i.e. airlines, hotels, car rental companies and travel insurance providers.

Trip Travel is an independently owned and operated entity which is a licensee of American Express Global Business Travel (“GBT”). GBT is a joint venture that is not wholly-owned by American Express Company or any of its subsidiaries (“American Express”). “American Express Global Business Travel”, “American Express” and the American Express logo are trademarks of American Express, and are used under limited license.

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A cruise liner becomes your floating hotel and magically transports you from one exotic destination to another. When cruising, expect to receive world-class service and have your taste buds tantalised by gourmet cuisine and the finest wines.

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Participate in a scheduled safari organised by a professional tour operator. These packages include transport, accommodation, meals, sight-seeing trips and a tour guide.

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