The COVID pandemic has changed the travel landscape, with the most obvious change being the entry requirement by most countries for travelers to produce PCR test results or vaccination certificates.

The Namibian Government has addressed the need for verification and digitalization of COVID-19 test results by adopting the use of the African Union Trusted Travel System. This is an online platform on which travelers would have to register their personal and COVID-test related details prior to travel.

On 3 November the Ministry of Health and Social Services issued a formal confirmation that the Trusted Travel system will be implemented in Namibia, with a trial period starting on 15 November. Travelers entering or exiting Namibia will need to create an account on the platform and obtain a Trusted Travel Test code prior to departure – this code will need to be shown to immigration officials. As from 1 December 2021 only COVID-19 test results obtained on the Trusted Travel platform, or verified on the Global Haven system, will be valid for exit or entry to Namibia.

The URL for the Trusted Travel system is